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Be a Leader People Follow
November 14th, 2013
by Bill Boyajian


Are you doing a good job leading your store, your business, your department? Be honest. Followership is a natural companion – a true measure – of good leadership.

Followers believe what good leaders say and do, and trust them for what they may not yet know or understand. It’s not a blind faith. It’s a faith based on their confidence in those leading, the result of past experiences, and the good character and reputation of those in charge.

It’s not how well you think you’re leading. It’s how much your followers believe it. Look over your shoulder from time to time to see who’s following.

Lead well!

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"Bill Boyajian is a leader people follow, with a proven track record of success. He will provide solutions to your biggest challenges and deliver terrific results."

–Howard Herzog
International Jewelers Block Insurance

"A sought after role model, Bill reminds us that how we lead our business has everything to do with how we live a fulfilling life."

– Pam Levine,
Levine Design Group