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What is coaching? When people are stuck, they need help. They need a trusted friend to guide them. Whether it’s a key decision point in their business, a need for advice and direction, or simply a personnel issue that needs to be worked out, we are there to help. Our purpose is to help people achieve, so it only makes sense that we will be there for you.
How does a coaching session work? Just contact Bill and tell him what your issue is. He will provide an initial free consultation to see if he can help. If he can, you’ll just set an appointment to discuss your issue and get help. If he can’t help you, he’ll tell you, and may just be able to guide you to someone who can. It’s as easy and painless as that.
Here’s what you get with Bill: An honest needs assessment
Advice and counsel on what to do
Clarity and focus on your business issues
Specific direction you can’t get elsewhere
Value from your investment and your time
Why have Bill on your team? It’s pretty simple. Bill’s background and experience is what gives him – and you – an edge. With over four decades of leadership and business experience, Bill has a handle on what it takes to be successful.
Have a son or daughter taking over? One of the most challenging aspects in business is the generational transition that takes place when a son or daughter is taking over a business. Problems can develop and family matters can get blown way out of proportion. We can help you sort through those issues and come out on top. We use a thoughtful, but direct approach in all our dealings. We become a catalyst for smooth transition to take place.
Contact Bill now to get the help you need:

"My business partner and I needed experienced counsel and a meaningful coach to introduce our new, revolutionary diamond cut into the competitive marketplace. Bill Boyajian delivered exactly the advice we needed, when we needed it. He will always count as a good friend and trusted advisor to our company."

–Heather Kirk,
Kimberlight, Inc.