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Have a Hobby
November 22nd, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

It’s important to have a hobby.  Or two.  Hobbies feed our creative juices even if we don’t believe we’re particularly creative.  We don’t try to make money out of our hobbies, though sometimes we can and they become joyful businesses.  And we don’t get famous from our hobbies, although we might gain some local notoriety if we’re really good at it.

But we don’t have hobbies to get rich or famous.  We have hobbies to give us an outlet or two, and to make us happy.  Hobbies give, rather than take.  They keep us from being one-dimensional.  They broaden our horizons.  Hobbies make us whole.

Can we overdue our hobbies?  Probably.  I guess if we play video games all day, it may be a bit much.  But generally, I wouldn’t worry.  You probably have some kind of self-limiting time frame or consciousness that keeps you from overdoing it.

So the next time you feel obsessed with your hobby, relax.  You’re doing what you love to do.  You’re exercising your creativity.  You’re making yourself into a more joyful person.  It doesn’t matter if you’re strumming a guitar, planting a plant, knitting a sweater, cooking a delicacy, or swinging a golf club.  What matters is you’re enjoying an extension of yourself.  And maybe that’s all that really matters.

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