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Is 80% of Success Just Showing Up?
February 6th, 2018
by Bill Boyajian

Woody Allen made his “80% of Success is Showing Up” line famous, but is that enough?  For sure, you have to show up, but it’s what you do with the other 20% that really matters.

Too often, people just don’t show up.  But even when they do, it’s more about going through the motions than it is making a real contribution to the job, the team, the home, the committee, or any other organized entity they’re a part of.

The extra 20% is about attitude, dedication, innovation, and other aspects that set you apart.  It’s the emotional intelligence, responsibility, and creativity you bring that makes much more of a difference than just showing up.

So the next time you find yourself in the doldrums – just going through the motions with little if any energy or vitality – ask yourself if just showing up is enough for you.  If it isn’t, do something about it.

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