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Bill’s Flagship Speech Based on his book, Developing the Mind of a Leader, Bill’s flagship keynote presentation excites and engages audiences to take a deep look into their lives, and their leadership. His ability to speak from the heart helps people to see themselves as they truly are, and as they truly want to be. No one who hears Bill speak remains unchanged.
What it Takes Often called a natural born speaker, Bill disagrees with that notion. “The ability to convey leadership truths is learned just like leadership itself. Indeed, some people have gifts and a desire to communicate, but it comes both by listening and by speaking. It takes hard work, commitment, and real desire to move people to action. That’s what I love to do,” says Bill Boyajian.
Delivering Content Beyond moving people to action, Bill prides himself in delivering content with what he calls “take-home value.” According to Bill, “It’s not enough to excite and motivate an audience. I want to leave them with a formula for success they can put into action the very next day.”
What People Learn Bill’s famous Six Cs of Leadership

  • Character
  • Charisma
  • Courage
  • Communication
  • Credibility
  • Care

The difference between leadership and management

Role preference and team profile

How to grow as a leader and get to the next level

Steps in taking charge when you’ve earned a leadership post

Lessons in leadership from a real leader

How leaders lead by serving

How to move from success to significance

How to leave a lasting legacy

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"Having experienced past presentations, we were confident that having Bill on our program would make our education programs interesting and successful - but what we didn't know was how much Bill would bring to the entire conference weekend."

– Bill Blair,
Jewelers Education Conference

"I needed an expert on gemstones for an event I was planning, and was fortunate to secure Bill Boyajian for the job. Bill delivered a powerful and provocative message on Diamonds as an Alternative Investment to a group of high net-worth individuals. If you want someone with knowledge and credibility, hire Bill."

–Sarkis Sarkissian, COO
Giraux Fine Jewelry