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Top of Mind: August 24, 2017
August 24th, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

That Special Business Experience

I recently had dinner with some friends in a nice Italian restaurant I frequent in a city I visit on occasion. The owner always greets us at the door and even remembers us when we come in. He takes great pride in his menu, his décor, and his service to patrons. You can tell he loves what he does and delights in the nice comments he receives about the delicious food he serves.

It reminded me of how special it is to be greeted by an owner of an establishment and to be given that extra special touch that makes coming back so rewarding. Today we read about how people are enamored with the experience they get in almost any type of business. I suppose this is true, and people are certainly focused on how businesses differentiate their operations and activities from others with which they compete. But I sometimes wonder if it hasn’t always been like this to some degree.

I’ve always enjoyed receiving personal attention from the owner or manager of an enterprise. I’ve always appreciated someone remembering me when I patronize an establishment. And I’ve always enjoyed that special feeling of a unique experience when I receive it. I just haven’t always been as conscious of it as I am today.

It’s the little things that make the difference in every business. Take some time today to think about what makes your business special to people. Maybe that will be the difference between running a business and loving what you do.


Business Tips:

  • People who lead well inspire us to follow. Such leaders share why they believe what they believe, and people follow because of it.
  • To coach associates effectively, vary your leadership style to what is needed for different people to best follow your advice.
  • The balance between business life and home life is more blurred than ever before. When hiring, be balanced with your questions.


Life Tips:

  • The ability to create meaning in your work and in your life, no matter how mundane things can be, is a key to being happy.
  • Instead of retirement, try semi-retirement. Never stop the 4Cs of life: creating, changing, contributing, and caring.
  • Learn to measure your success in life by what you give away. This kind of success produces a life of significance.

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