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Top of Mind: December 14, 2017
December 14th, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

Tell the Story

When I dine in a restaurant, particularly one that is new to me, I like to ask my server what she likes on the menu.  I want to hear her story about what she likes and why she likes it.  She may also give me some added info about what the chef does to prepare it or something unique about the dishes she likes.  I also like to gauge my server’s enthusiasm for what she’s telling me.

Isn’t that what selling is all about?  Having a product or service worth sharing with others and telling the background story behind it.  That’s where a lot of sales are missed.  Salespeople are often ill-equipped to talk about a product or their service or their store in a way that conveys knowledge and enthusiasm.  They are often even less inclined to romance a piece or describe its distinctiveness.

But even before you start talking, you need to ask the right questions to get a conversation started and to develop a rapport with a customer that sells yourself and your business.  First impressions are critical, and when we can connect with people on their level we have a much better chance of gaining their trust.  Trust may be the most vital element in selling.  No one wants to buy anything from anyone they don’t trust.

So the next time you engage someone in selling – maybe even today – begin by asking the right questions and telling a story that connects you with your customer.  You’ll be much more successful if you do.

Here are a few Business & Life Tips to think about….

Business Tips:

  • When you show someone an exquisite product, much of what they think about it is based on what you tell them about it.
  • Standing ovations seem overdone these days. Save them for those rare speeches that move you to both emotion and action.
  • If you have something worth sharing, share it. If people like it, they’ll tell others. Good referrals are worth their weight in gold.

Life Tips:

  • Persuasion vs. Influence: It’s the difference between trying to convince someone vs. drawing them into your point of view.
  • Emulate the heroes in your life. You won’t always succeed, but you’ll find your true self, and become a hero to someone else.
  • Questions indicate interest. They probe for knowledge. Listen to a four year old ask questions of his mother. That should be us.

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