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Top of Mind: March 23, 2017
March 23rd, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

Our Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness seems to be an elusive, almost unattainable goal.  People become even more anxious trying to attain it, and that can keep us from finding the peace and joy we all want in our lives.

There’s even a new book out called America the Anxious, by Ruth Whippman, where she identifies the state of perpetual anxiety that has become a new norm for so many people.  After reading an article about it, I stopped to ask myself what makes me happy.  Sometimes it’s the simplest of things, like watching my garden grow, or seeing my favorite sports team win a close game, or watching raindrops hitting our swimming pool when we’re in a drought.  Other times it’s more meaningful realities like helping someone become more successful in their business, or solving a difficult interpersonal relationship between an owner and her sales associate, or just having more time in my day to read, write, and reflect.

I think if we took more time to think about what makes us happy instead of chasing our latest dream, we might just find the happiness we’re looking for.  And maybe then we would be more relaxed, less anxious, and happier.

So take some time today to think about what makes you happy.  I’ll bet just taking the time to think about it, and to be grateful for what you have, will make you happier.

Here are a few Business & Life Tips to think about….

Business Tips:

  • Leaders who make the workplace fun, and a great learning and developmental environment, bring an added dimension to their team.
  • Reinventing your business – even yourself – is a helpful thought in a fast-paced world where nothing seems to stay the same.
  • Business owners and managers hire consultants to help clarify their thinking on matters of importance. Get help if you need it.

Life Tips:

  • A “glass half empty” person sees difficulty in every opportunity. A “glass half full” person sees opportunity in every difficulty.
  • Our insecurity can cause us to unconsciously focus on other peoples’ weaknesses and mistakes, rather than their strengths and virtues.
  • Life’s greatest wounds are often self-inflicted. Everyone makes mistakes, but your willingness to admit to them is the start of recovery.

"Bill Boyajian is a leader people follow, with a proven track record of success. He will provide solutions to your biggest challenges and deliver terrific results."

–Howard Herzog
International Jewelers Block Insurance

"A sought after role model, Bill reminds us that how we lead our business has everything to do with how we live a fulfilling life."

– Pam Levine,
Levine Design Group