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Ups and Downs
February 28th, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

Business has its ups and downs.  When business is good, we think it will always be that way.  And when business is bad, we can’t see it getting better.  That’s because we make excuses for our situation and blame outside forces or other people for our problems.

Business, like the economy, goes in cycles.  But we have much more control of our business than the economy as a whole, where we have absolutely no control.  Therein lies the difference.  We need to stop worrying about the things we can’t control and focus on the things we can control.

Most business problems lie with their leadership.  Leaders need to accept the fact that things don’t always go well and to take responsibility for their circumstances.  After taking responsibility, the only rational course is to accept the current situation – even embrace it — and to develop a plan to make things better.

All of this lies in the hands of the business owner or manager.   If the situation I describe sounds familiar, take some time to reflect on your current circumstances and to determine your best course of action.  Doing nothing is an unacceptable choice.  Commit to making things better, knowing that business always has its ups and downs.

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