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New Year Thoughts
December 28th, 2017
by Bill Boyajian

2017 is now part of history and as we start the new year, here are some things to consider in 2018:

  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, revel in gratefulness for what you do have.
  • Instead of making a list of resolutions that you won’t keep, ask yourself what one thing you could do this year that would improve your life significantly.  Then do it.
  • Instead of getting caught up in the latest new fad, try light but regular exercise as a part of your daily routine.
  • Instead of being electronically connected 24/7, put your digital device away for hours at a time.  The messages will still be there when you return.
  • Instead of burning the midnight oil, get more rest in 2018.  Sleep is the most under-rated tool to equip your body and mind for each day.
  • Instead of tackling more than you can reasonably achieve, decrease your stress level through a more focused effort on what is really important.
  • Instead of eating food in an out-of-control manner, develop a common sense diet that provides structured nutrition and ultimately makes you feel and look much better.
  • Instead of never having enough time to be really good at what you do, build some margin in your life so you can improve the quality of your life.
  • Instead of never taking time for yourself and your personal mindfulness, consider meditation or prayer as way to quiet yourself down and get in touch with your higher calling.

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